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QuickLyte is a natural treatment for infant diarrhea developed by Lev Laboratories. QuickLyte is a medical food, which contains a mixture of electrolytes, glucose, and tormentil root extract. QuicklLyte is packaged as a powder that must be mixed with water within a 6-ounce bottle.

Each bottle of QuickLyte contains:

  • Sodium chloride 210.6 mg

  • Potassium chloride 268 mg

  • Sodium citrate 465 mg

  • Glucose 4,400 mg

  • Tormentil Root dry extract 30 mg, and

  • Natural cherry flavor.

After reconstitution, QuickLyte; will have a concentration of electrolytes and glucose in 1 liter, which is similar to other rehydration solutions: sodium 50 mEq, potassium 20 mEq, chloride 40 mEq, citrate 30 mEq, and glucose 2.5%.

The tormentil root extract present in QuickLyte has been shown to significantly reduce the duration and severity of diarrhea without any side effects.

Features and Benefits of QuickLyte

  • QuickLyte is formulated by a practicing pediatrician.

  • QuickLyte has a positive double effect: it improves the hydration status and electrolyte balance of a child, and it shortens the duration of diarrhea.

  • Treatment with QuickLyte can eliminate the need for doctors' office and Emergency Room visits. Therefore, Quicklyte can save families a significant amount of money, while reducing unnecessary anxiety.

  • QuickLyte; has a patent pending composition.

  • QuickLyte is safe.

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